Fight Fear Find Freedom BACK

"It is very difficult for people, and especially for men, to accept and admit that, “Yes we are afraid.” “We feel fearful.” There are many types of fears in our day to day lives. Fear of public speaking, fear of losing a loved one, fear of heights and fear of cockroaches, just to name a few. In this issue, let us observe in detail, this instinct of fear. Let us understand the types of fear. What is normal fear? Is fear an illusion? After getting to know fear, let us understand how fear is born. What do we fear? Then, let us learn the ways that Dadashri has shown us to get over fear. To overcome fear, the easiest way is to live with a fearless person. We take warmth, comfort and depend on people or on objects (hunf), but as both, people and objects are temporary, our fears don't subside completely. To be completely fearless, is to be Vitrag (free from attachment or abhorrence). That can be achieved by taking comfort and depending (hunf) on the grace of a Gnani. When fear arises, you can either fight it or run from it. Let us learn how to fight fear in this issue of Akram Youth."