Anger Management | Overcome your weakness…

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What is anger?

Anger is one letter away from the word Danger. Some of us think that we cannot get things done unless we get angry. Why do we always get angry at people who are dependent on us such as spouse, children, employees, or even a waiter or shop assistant? Does this reflect our strength or weakness? Do we ever realise what kind of ill-feelings are harboured against us when they become the target of our enraging fire, i. e. Anger? Is anger really a cause or an unavoidable effect which arises when we are unable to solve our daily life problems?

Reasons for Anger??

  1. Anger is like a spring.
  2. Anger is due to lack of knowledge
  3. Anger is due to lack of understanding of others viewpoints.
  4. Anger is like a cooker… Heats from below while blows whistle at others.
  5. And many many more…


-          Angry people behave like a matchstick… First they burn and then burn others.

-          People tend to be away or ignore Angry people… So, anger is the way to be disliked by people.


There are a lot many right understandings which can help you come out of anger, but the most basic and sure shot way of avoiding anger is… “To go to the person offended and ask for forgiveness from him. Admit your mistake and give a sincere apology.”