Param Pujya Dadashri for Youth

"Today's young generation feels suffocated due to lack of proper guidance. They are more pure and clean than their predecessors in all respects. All they need is someone who can show them the right path. Once achieved, they will revolutionize the whole of India. This will happen soon... very soon." 

Pujya Niruma for Youth

"The current generation of children is very healthy-minded. They are not opinionated or obstinate. Yes, they are quite filled with illusionary attachment (moh), but if they are given the right understanding from childhood, then they will not only liberate themselves, but will also be able to do a lot of work for the Salvation of the world (Jagat Kalyan)." 

Pujya Deepakbhai for Youth

"May all children (of all ages-kids, teens & youth) who attend this ‘Gnani ni Chhaya’ (the divine shelter of the Gnani), attain such character and moral values, with the right understanding, that they do not hurt anyone for their own attachment, pride, happiness, lust or greed. May they live their lives with such absolute understanding that they become instruments in spreading peace and permanent happiness with whomsoever they meet, bringing about salvation not only for themselves but for others too."