For all babies, kids, and youth that are blossoming into adults, Dada always said that with the right guidance and understanding, these very adults will lead their lives following and spreading this knowledge (Gnan) throughout the world. Gnani Ni Chhaya (GNC) represents the ultimate divine shelter of Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dadashri, Pujya Niruma and Pujyashree Deepakbhai, who constantly provide care, love, happiness and inspiration that these future Mahatmas (spiritual seekers) deserve.


At present, the Baby MHT (BMHT), Little MHT (LMHT), and Youth MHT (YMHT) are grouped under current Atma Gnani Pujyashree Deepakbhai’s ‘umbrella’ and are always fostered with proper care & attention. GNC is an extraordinary and massive department that was inaugurated on 20th January 2008 in Simandhar City, Adalaj and has now flourished all over the world. Starting off all together for kids, teens & the youth, Pujyashree has the intent of creating a place where they all can ‘belong’. With this pure intent, it didn’t take long for GNC to sprout as there were many volunteers eager to build the platform and many kids eager to participate.

Youth, frustrated without correct understanding, knowledge and the right guidance, found peace of heart and compassion here. They got very much interested and became a special part of GNC. From creating books, games & magazines to having Satsangs, camps, special events, gatherings and performances, GNC includes a vast range of activities for all. Specifically for the Youth, GNC has flourished worldwide. Youth can engage in regular Satsangs (local meetings, Skype calls, Hangouts etc), volunteering opportunities (Seva for their centers), event participation (i.e. dances, skits, camps etc.), Selfless Seva with their specialized skills (volunteering for the cause of Jagat Kalyan) and ultimately, are always showered with blessings from the Gnanis, themselves! GNC is spreading by the minute, and there’s no stopping them now!