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We are pleased to inform that Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s 106th Birth Anniversary will be held for the first time in city of Bharuch. Pujya Dadashri loved children and youth. He used to say, “The children & youth of present day are with a healthy mind & without undue insistence of prejudice. If they get some right guide, they will bring about positive changes in a right direction to transform India. Therefore, today’s young generation needs to be shown a right path.” We fully agree with these golden words of Pujya Dadashri & hope you too will feel the same.

With the intention to convert Dadashri’s words into reality, various activities are conducted under the auspice of “Gnani ni Chhayama (GNC)” department for all round progress of children and youth of all age groups & endowment of cultural nurturing among them.

Pujya Dadashri’s Birth anniversary will take place during 13th to 17th November 2013. During the celebrations, ‘Children Park’ is specially organized in the city of Bharuch, so everybody gets acquainted with above activities & many more children can participate in the same. In this park, there will be various theme based exhibitions, play zones, puppet shows, animation films, and many other interactive activities. One of which will be an ‘Amphitheatre’ wherein Skit, Dance, Singing, Quiz, Games, etc. activities will be conducted for the public.

Purpose: The purpose of planning such activities is to enable children to understand the culture of India, remember learnings from the saints, scriptures of India and hence endure during ups & downs in life, maintaining high degree of morality, spirituality & vigour that brings out strong character, right from early childhood.

Goal: Through the medium of these activities, our intention is that visitors from Bharuch and surrounding areas will know more about how to lead a moral and spiritual life.

We heartily wish & request for your school children’s participation in this knowledge enriching & extremely entertaining program wherein they shall exhibit their specific talents, abilities & personality on the stage of Children Park.

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