Dada’s Youth in Action – YMHT UK


The planning was done well in advance where the youth coordinators met on Skype to discuss and plan the event. We used the project planning tool called ‘Trello’ which was very effective as it is free and easy to use. The site survey was done a month before the event to evaluate all the possible options youths would like and available activities near the Satsang venue. Posters were published in youth group and at Satsang center to publicize the event. We also personally called each youth to get their views and also give a personal invitation.


The day arrived and to our surprise it turned out to be a bright sunny day. As expected many youth turned up from across the UK for the Fun Day. We registered them at the Center and went straight to the Southall Recreation Ground. We started with Tri-Mantra & introduction to break the ice. We played cricket for long. Between the break we served samosas, puffs & cold drinks. We than came back to the Satsang center (5-7 minute walk) and had our lunch all together to create the bonding. We continued varied activities and finally ended the session with Tri-Mantra, Aarti & Bhakti with Mahatmas, experience sharing on Dada’s science and feedbacks on how the day went, what they enjoyed the most, areas of improvement.