21st April 2014 | Vinod Vidhya Sankul summer camp

21st April 2014, the first summer camp of 2014 was arranged for students of Vinod Vidhya Sankul. It was a one day camp.

Camp began at 8:00 A.M. All the students gathered and did prayer, took ashirvad of Saraswati maa.

Then two groups were formed; Group 1 - std 5 to 7 and Group 2 - std 8 to 10. First Group watched a short animated movie, played game and then everyone shared their thoughts and experiences about game and movie  and girls played game. Group 2 played games, had a discussion on "Bhaav Vigyan". They performed Dramas and Dances for everyone later at 3pm.

The highlight of the show was Mickey and everyone enjoyed having chocolates from him. There was a special "Magic Show" arranged to explain Dadashri's concept of Chamatkaar. 

At the end, everyone was happy and filled with great experiences and happiness. Also, the support from all teachers and sirs was fantastic.