23-24 April 2014 | Veraval summer camp

Summer camp-2014 was organized for veraval boys, on 23-24 April 2014.

Camp registration from 8:30 A.M till 9:30.

Youth Camp started with "Antaryami Parmatma". Everyone played games based on which 6 teams were formed.

There was a power point presentation on Bhaav-Vigyan. Response was great. They played game based on Bhav-Vigyan and shared their bhaav(thoughts) during the game.

Evening session was Debate in which, all teams debated on positives & negatives of various topics.

During night session, everyone played games with co-ordinators. They watched movie and IPL till 2:00 A.M.

On the next day, all enjoyed playing treasure hunt with puzzles from Youth Akrampedia. 

At last: Akrampedia books, Prarthana books and Certificates were distributed among the youth.

Everybody was happy. The menu was also superb. Also the support from coordinators and mahatmas was fantastic.