24-25 April 2014 | Summer Camp: 13-16(girls) @ Simandhar city

Hot humid climate and long vacations are boring but the summer camp in Adalaj filled our two days with fun and joy. The camp was on 24 and 25 April 2014.141 Girls aged between13-16 from all over ahemedabad, gandhinagar, kadi, kalol, mehsana, and Adalaj joined the camp.

We started the camp with energetic feel of doing aerobics. The fun began when all were introduced to each other. We made many new friends in fact we all were like one family.

The eternal science ‘not to hurt anyone by mind, body and speech’ were imbibed in all the girls in the form of different activities.  These gave girls an opportunity to know where and how all were hurting people by mind, body and speech. A session on Paap-Punya was also taken where in the feeling / bhaav vignan was explained in detail.

An event named Funz Mela was organized and girls enjoyed heena painting,games, knowledge and book mark making.  All girls had learning activity in the form of soap flower making.

All the girls took home sweet memories, new friendship, and spirit of ‘not to hurt anyone’.