Unnati Vidhyalaya

30+ participants and teacher: Khushbuben Sutariya


Group dance:
‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’
‘Har taraf har jagah har kahin pe hai’

Group song:
‘Shri Ganeshay dhee-mahi’

‘Krishna-sudama friendship’

In group song, everyone was singing in rhythm with musical instruments beautifully.The performances were well prepared in a very short time, still were excellent.

Very beautiful and radiant Dance performance by the participants of Unnati Vidyalaya.

Song selection was just perfect for dance.It was such a beautiful performance and stage seemed radiant for a while.

Drama was good too.Nicely performed. It gave a simple message of the friendship between Krishna Bhagwan and Sudama.

A special thanks to all the participants, helpers and teachers of Unnati Vidyalaya.