National Book Fair 2014 - Surat

Akram Youth Magazine was promoted by Surat YMHT Bhaios Team @ National Book Fair,Surat. Throughout the 5 day event (23rd to 27th Jan), Ymht coordinators and YMHTians explained to the visitors, benefits of Akram Youth and promoted sale and subscription of Magazine.

The table space was provided to Akram Youth by Rudra Publications.

The timing for the event was 10am to 10pm daily. All YMHTians enjoyed this activity very much, and the team is also planning to implement such an activity @ Surat station Book stall regularly.

Magazine Subscriptions… 15+
Magazine Sales… 130+ 
Online Subscriptions … 180+

Bookmarks, etc. freebies very also distributed to every visitor.

All visitors were very impressed with the “sevabhav “ of all Ymhtians. They remarked that when books and magazines across the event had costs ranging from 50 to 5000 per book/magazine, promoting Dadashri’s vani for Youth @ only Rs. 10 is a very economical cost.