Get together of YMHT, YMBA and MBA Girls

All the YMHT, YMBA and MBA girls met outside Charni Road station at 5pm and headed towards chowpatty. After reaching chowpatty they sat in a circle and each one introduced them.

Games such as dumb Sheraz of dada’s words such as sahajta, akram etc. was played. Another game played was situation song game. Each Girl will give one song to the neighbor in clockwise direction in ears. And then in anti clockwise direction each girl will give a situation to the neighbor girl loudly and that neighbor girl will sing a song in its reply. Eg. Pujyashree ne ek min mali ne bolvanu hoy toh tame su bolo…song sang was gnani hazar ahi kadhi lejo kaam mahi. It was fun playing it. We had gala time.

YMHT girls and YMBA girls wanted to hear from Hireshi, Disha & Nehal , their journey till now, what they felt as they got  selected for sinchan/ getting shifted to adalaj, what made them take this path and so on..

As Hireshi didi & Nehal didi are going for Sinchan and Disha didi getting shifted to adalaj, there was farewell kind of celebration.  YMHT,YMBA & MBA group gifted dairy &  Dadas, nirumas and pujyashree’s collage pic to Nehal, Hireshi & Disha. It was followed by photo session.

Around 7.15pm we had dinner at chowpatty itself after which girls dispersed.

Girls travelling in Local train on their back to home sang asim jai jaikar & dada’s songs. Girls enjoyed it a lot.

For the first time such outing was planned with 3 groups together. Get together of three groups was full of fun. Girls enjoyed it a lot. It increased the bonding between didis, girls, and also between central and western girls. It was a good opportunity to know each other and get closer.