1-2 May 2014 | Summer Camp 13-16(girls) @ Rajkot

Summer camp-2014 was organized at Rajkot for 13 to 16 years girls on 1-2 May.
Camp started with bhakti and prakshal of simandhar swami at Rajkot Trimandir.
There was Satsang and group discussion sessions, in which girls learned about paap karma and it's results, bhaav-vignan, Pratikraman and importance of prarthana.
There was crafts activity. They learned and prepared glass painting and soap flowers.
Main attraction of camp was the "fun mela". There was different game like carrom, balloon games and match stick puzzles. They made tattoo and mahendi. They learned to prepare hand band and also participated in best out of waste.

Everyone then enjoyed ice cream, magic corn and monacco topping.

Girls also presented their experiences at summer camp at the end as 'Mari yaadgar shibir'. 
Also they played garba and pani puri.
At last, everyone carryied a big bag of amazing memories.