10-11-12 May 2014 | Summer Camp 17-21(boys) @ Simandhar city

Summer camp-2014 was organized @ Simandhar city for 17 to 21 year youth bhaios.

Around 250 youth came from different centers i.e. Veraval, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, Rajkot, Bharuch to enjoy the summer camp.

Summer camp started on 10th May. First of all 8 teams were formed. Then there was an introductory session.

After lunch, everyone played 1-minute games till.

Topics of various sessions..

Session 1 : Bhaav Vigyan

Session 2: Debate. In that, every team discussed positive & negatives of Televison and Internet.

Session 3: Prakshal, Pujyashri Satsang

Session 4: Pujyashri Satsang + Games, Presentation, etc.

Session 5: Group discussion with Aptputra Bhaios

Session 6: Games, Discussion, Gifts and Group Photographs.

At night, there was bhakti with Sanjaybhai and other aptputra brothers shared their experiences with Niruma.

The highlights of the camp were 3 satsang sessions with Pujyashri... Bhakti  and Group discussions with Aptputra Bhaios.

After dinner everybody went to ATPL to play outdoor games. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.

Also, YUVA Camp was lauched during the camp.

Everybody enjoyed a lot during this summer camp and took with them a bag of unforgettable memories.