13-14-15 May 2014 | Summer Camp 17-21(girls) @ Simandhar City

The thunders and light showers around Gujarat were a boon to us in this shibir. 300 girls aged 17-21 energetic and full of enthusiasm joined the summer camp from 13 to 15th May 2014.

The camp started with prayer to Simandhar Swami Bhagwan. Then some Aerobics. The introduction trimantra session was fascinating wherein they shared stories of Simandhar swami, Shri krishna, Shiv Bhagwan sang and danced to the tunes of trimantra. The girls performed skit on Kusang and had discussion on it.

They learnt to make cloth flowers in beautiful vibrant colours.

"Frosh mela event" for fun was organised. Rolling relay, catch me, pond game, walk on together. They enjoyed very much and had Gola .

The girls performed prakshal in mandir followed by bhakti.

Next day a session on Paap Punya was organised. The most interesting part was Pujyashree satsang for YOUTH.

Third day started with prabhat pheri by girls. The girls played time management games on how to utilize your time in the best way. The last session was Believe in your self. Negativity Murdabad, Positivity Zindabad. They went home, full of positive energy and right attitude to live life.