Youth Value Addition - YUVA 2014

Young MHT launches YUVA (YoUth Value Addition) Camp. Which is an Advanced Course study on Dada's Akram Vignan for regular YMHTians around the Nation. It comprises of Fun, Excitement, Enjoyment, Seva Activities, Sports, Workshop Trainings, Practical Understanding of Dada's Science, Games, Bhakti, Picnic and much more...






YUVA (A 7 Day Camp) is organized on 29th June to 5th July.

Vanue: Godhara Trimandir
Fees: Rs. 1300 only
Age group: 15+ (10th std+)

Last date of Registration is 15th June 2014.

Note: YUVA Camp is only for regular YMHTian only.

For more details:

Contact: +91 8155007480