NRI youth girls sung Christmas carols

In December 2013 Parayan, during the evening satsang session break time, the NRI youth girls sung Christmas carols twisted in with Dada’s pados for Pujyashree, Mahatmas and most importantly Western Mahatmas, who had come especially for Parayan ! It was a huge success as this was unexpected and surprised everyone there, who enjoyed the mix of songs presented. After the carols, the girls gifted hand made Chrismtas cards to Pujyashree, Aptputri Behnos and Western Mahatmas. Pujyashree was delighted as he read through the card and held it up for all other mahatmas to see. Great efforts paid off and it was just pure fun!

In order to wish the NRI girls for Christmas, the YMHT girls from others Centres in India, present for Parayan, were sneaky to accomplish this ! They had huddled in a tent, where everyone caroled and exchanged Christmas cards. A huge delicious Christmas cake was also awaiting to everyone's surprise ! The carols, cards, and cake was so sweet, but even more than that, the girls celebrating together, as one big family, made it all the merrier. Let’s just say, it truly was a Merry Christmas in Simandhar City. Take a look at the pictures and video...