Surendranangar Pran Pratishtha and cultural show

14th - 17th March 2014 marked golden moments for the residents of Surendranagar and nearby towns.
The event was composed of Satsang, Gnan Vidhi, Bhagwan ni Pran prathistha and declaring open Trimandir in Surendranagar for the benefit of general public at large.
This historic event kick started with GNC children performing a cultural dance displaying their innocent skills based on Bhakti pads. Pujyashri welcomed the public emphasizing the importance of Gnan and Sadhna to tide over difficulties in normal life and at the same time make best use of this human life to seek the truth and salvation. The satsang was in a question-answer format and general public participated to clear their doubts on many spiritual issues.
15th march was the day of Gnan vidhi wherein 2000+ new seekers came from all over the town to get initiated. 16th march was the day of "Pran Prathistha" wherein 10k+ mahatmas participated when Pujyashri performed the Vidhi. The air was filled with bliss indicating presence of celestial deities. (devi- devta) it was followed by Prakshal-Puja and Aarti of Bhagwan Shri Simandhar swami, Dadashri, Krishna Bhagwan, Shiv Bhagwan, Saibaba, Amba mata and other gods/goddess. Following day (17th march) morning the mandir was declared 'open' by Pujyashri ' and performed Vidhi and Aarti in the morning in presence of the seekers and public at large.
Trimandir Surendranagar is now another feather in the cap for "Jagat Kalyan Mission".