Mumbai YMHT girls Picnic

Date: 05-07-2015

Center: Mumbai

Place: Cyprus, Mulund

A small trek had been planned by YMHT coordinators for all the girls on Sunday 5th of July 2015. 60 girls and 9 coordinators joined the trip including all the centers of Mumbai.  As soon as they reached their destination, the girls started exploring the new place and giving their best to the day. All they wanted to do was climb until their body didn’t exhaust. On climbing, the greenery around mesmerized all and not only presented energy but also, the undoubting wish to know more about the place, few tried giving up as the trek was equally challenging for the girls who were beginners, but the definite spirits of the YMHT coordinators made girls to think again before giving up indeed and thus, they decided to keep going. The distance was surely pretty long, but that never ceased the girls from reaching up. There were 3 levels to reach the top, again the task of grounding from the same route was equally threatening since the stones were uneven and the judgment had to be specific. This had the way out through the greenery itself, doubtless to mention the jungle was too dense and harmless too. Everyone believed this trip was the best of all, as it had a real adventure hidden. A newbie Coordinator grabbed a chance of sharing her knowledge about physiotherapy and health diseases which proved to be informative indeed & interesting for all. And lastly a game on how, where and in whom can you find your inspiration at the moments you lack it the most was put forth. The girls later discussed with the coordinators on how YMHT changed their lives. How they started considering problems a normal phase and tackled the same with ease, and how the friends they earned in YMHT never let them feel alone in any given phase and stood thick to thick. They realized the importance of YMHT and shared their experiences with the ones who had been there for the very first time thus motivated them to join YMHT.  In a nutshell the trip had its all criteria covered, the trip was undiscovered, unknown and unfelt by the girls and so was the session that followed i.e. Gnan With Fun. And well, that’s the only motive behind the YMHT Picnics. Stay Healthy until next time.