Y-Girls Summer Camp - Baroda, Bharuch, Mumbai

Y Girls Baroda Bharuch Mumbai

 The summer camp has surely been a state of blessedness for the teenaged girls who spend their maximum time in state of disturbance and disorder. The three days summer camp engaged the girls not only physically but intellectually and emotionally as well. They were taken to a complete new dimension of how the Gnan had been holding great amount of 'Values for its seekers. The concept was forwarded in form of scientific experiments, wherein the youthful girls made sure that they left no stone unturned in applying the exact key. They showed enthusiasm in the group discussions. The girls were surprised by Zumba sessions that brought them instant lift up from their regular routine mood, later on, our pretty damsels were asked to split up as a part of their next activity. They had to battle cooking. Woah, cooking with your friends, what else can be proven wonderful. The cooking sessions taught girls the importance of teamwork. They treated themselves and spent a blissful day which was followed by a movie.

The girls on account of Swami's birthday, rejuvenated themselves from the prakshal and performed Aarti at the sea shore thereafter. The girls submerged themselves with the Garba and set the world aside in the Bhakti.
With this, the girls bid farewell to each other by sharing experiences. They carried themselves back home with the bags full of memories.