Yuva - Pro is a Special 2 days Camp for 17-21 years YMHTians (Young Mahatmas).

The Aim is that 17-21 year Youths get Regularized in Centre Activities. They even get Informal Touch by Celibate Senior Brothers  called ‘Aptputra Bhai’    
This event gives big relief and fun from the daily stress of study, work and responsibilities. It comprises of Fun, Excitement, Enjoyment,  Practical Understanding of Dada's Science, Games, Garba, Bhakti, Mini Picnic, Field Trips and much more..  
The major highlights of this event are: 
1) Satsang with Celibate Senior Brothers called ‘Aptputra Bhai’
2) Games & Activities
3)  1 Academic Session based on Dada's Science
4) Half Day Picnic (Picnic, Industrial Factory Visit, Swimming, Outing)
Yuva Pro Camps are held in various Centres, Zone wise so that more Youths can participate due to nearby vicinity and less Travel Time