YUVA BAG


YUVA - a 5 day astonishing camp is really a very special event of Young mahatmas (YMHTs) of various centers.  Aged from 17 to 21.

 This is a really very special event for young and energetic youths. YUVA is acronym of YoUth Value Addition.  It is held under the flagship of Dada Bhagwan Foundation by ‘Gnani Ni Chhayama’ (GNC).

YUVA is made by youth and made for youth. This event gives big relief and fun from the daily stress of study, work and responsibilities. It comprises of Fun, Excitement, Enjoyment, Seva Activities, Sports, Workshop Trainings, Practical Understanding of Dada's Science, Games, Bhakti, Picnic and much more..

It is managed and is being runned by the participants of the camp. This helps them grow their different skill in various ways.

YUVA camps are held at various Trimandirs. In one way or the other this camp also helps up for self development in spiritual Science.