Can I access this website on my smartphone,tablet or any other device?

This website is "Responsive" website, it responds to your device screen size. So, Yes you can access this website across all your devices with good resolution and accessing capabilities.

How can I contact you directly for any problem, solution or any information ?

You can directly reach us at for any kind of communication.

I don't know about this website, I came with someone's reference, From where should I start to navigate this website?

Go to the Home Page to start the navigation. On the Home Page, point your mouse on any of the Main Tabs - Youth in Action, Celebrations, Y-Hangout, Confession and Galaxy to explore what's in each Tab. Also you can click on any of the banner on the slider it will take you to the specific page. Finally you can scroll down on the Home Page for interesting columns like Experiences, AkrampediA Blog etc. This was very brief. For better feel & look you can explore the sitemap.