Nobility BACK

We all Are obsessed with the lifestyles of kings, and the rich and famous. It isevery kid's dream to become a prince or a princess. So, what are the qualities that make the DNA of a rich person or a king? The general term we use for the quality is nobility or khandani. Dadashri has explained this word in great detail. Who is a noble or khandani person? Let us bridge the gap between our thoughts on nobility, and the actual virtues of nobility. So, let us understand this virtue in detail. Learning through stories from the life of the queen of England, learning of a particular Indian company's gestures toward its employees at the time of an unfortunate accident. Also hear an experience of one of our Aptsinchan sadhaks and much more! So, let's embark on this wonderful journey. With a bhavna... May nobility or khandani always be with you!