ObstInacy BACK

Those who are straightforward (compliant) and simple achieve straight and simple liberation. For any man who comprehends these statements of such a Gnani Purush, his liberation becomes easy. Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan says that obstinacy is an obstruction in the path to liberation, and if one can straighten out, then one can become God. One has to become straightforward (compliant or compromising)to attain moksha / happiness, either through our own understanding or after taking a beating from others. If you admit to your obstinacies, they will diminish, but if you deny them, they will become stronger. You can only win over obstinacies by acknowledging and then 'seeing and knowing' them. When a true statement that is satisfying to the heart is not accepted, that, absolutely is the nature of obstinacy. Obstinate people behave according to their own opinions. Obstinacies end in those who behave according to The Gnani's opinion. Obstinacy arises in making others bend according to your will. By bending according to the will of others, obstinacies come to an end. The finest qualities of the prakruti (the innate nature of one's relative Self) are freely available to everyone on the path to liberation. These qualities are ultimate humility, extreme simplicity, spontaneous forgiveness, and total lack of obstinacy. These qualities can be regarded as the measures of spiritual progress. So come on, in this issue, let us all understand the different types of Obstinacies (stubbornness) in all circumstances and all the situations. Let us learn how to leave our obstinate behavior behind easily and be on the straight path to liberation!