Niruma's Apta-Sinchan BACK

NIRUMA. On hearing this word it reminds everyone of his mother! Every moment spent with Niruma, remains a lifetime memento with the Mahatmas. On meeting her, we can't stop uttering praises for Dada; we heave a sigh of happiness as if we have met our own mother; thereafter whenever we are overcome with any difficulty, we remember Niruma and at once seek solace. These are a few instances, but meeting Niruma, or spending time with Niruma, and the experience gained cannot be explained in words! On meeting Niruma, if the general public enjoy such experiences, just imagine what must be condition of the celibate brothers and sisters who reside in the Mission (sankul), constantly showered by Niruma's love and care. Further, Niruma's method of molding character, her affection, her heartfelt wishes, her mental attitude as to how should her 'sons and daughters' be; such questions may arise in our mind. In this issue, let us understand how Niruma used to mold each 'child'. After Niruma's 'samadhi maran' (Blissful death), a 5-year training course (Aptasinchan) has been conducted for salvation of the world. Whoever practices strict Bramcharya (celibacy) and wants to dedicate himself/herself to this Mission may join. Niruma used to do similar Apt-sinchan for her Apta-putras and Apta-putris naturally. So, let us understand Niruma's Apta-sinchan, as well as how she used to train and shape the Mission.