Positive BACK

All that we have received so far is the best advice with good intentions: “Be positive.” You got less marks in exams, be positive. You lost your job, be positive. Wise thoughts such as, “Half the glass is full” will appear impractical when the troubles are great. In such situations, we must ensure that negativity doesn't make its impact on us. Such abilities are not developed overnight. It takes a lot of patience to develop it. We have an example in front of us - NIRUMA. She never left hope in the midst of seemingly impractical circumstances and always remained positive for Dada's mission of Jagat Kalyan. In life, we cannot expect that everything will work out well for us all the time. There will be difficulties and we may feel the pain too. If we remain positive, keeping our strength and weakness balanced, we may overcome such difficult times with ease. Dadashri used to say that it's the difficulties that make a man pure. Lord Mahavira taught his disciples , “If you go out for Bhiksha (asking for food) and if you get the beating with a stick, take it positively. Just think that he has only beaten me with a bare stick and did not cut my hand. Even if he chops one hand, think positive that at least one hand is still safe.” This is the highest form of positivity. Try to find any positive clue from gravest of the situation. Do we ever apply such principles even in 1/10 part of our lives? Had positivity been spread like an infectious disease, we would certainly be in a better world today. In this issue, we have expressed our deep desire for you to develop the ability to drive out negative thoughts in life, and install positive ones. - Dimple Mehta