Suspicion BACK

One thing we surely share in common is us unreasonably fearing or being tensed about something unimportant. Then we have this sudden realization that it was not worth thinking about it either. And it all actually started with a small-thingdisturbing-hugely: Suspicion. Will I pass this test or will I be able to get this job or what if my daughter is having an affair with someone? is there anything we do not suspect and fear about? This actually demonstrates how we leave behind all the charm and fun we actually we're supposed to have. A characteristic of a puzzled body is being suspicious over everything which instills fear in him, Dadaji says“ Suspicion and fear are like cause and effect. A single seed of suspicion grows into jungle, Sometimes suspicious thoughts may arise within you and if these thoughts are allowed to linger, even for a short while, they will reach the opposite person and proliferate.” We never thought of this ever before we suspected something or someone. This issue is all about the topic, how it is better to avoid suspicion and ways to do so. Hoping this issue helps you all making your life better and happier!