Brahmacharya BACK

This month, we are going to have a special experience. It is like swimming against the tide. We are going to discuss about Celibacy (Brahmacharya), the most powerful weapon in our armoury, which can protect us from falling in the deep trap of Lust (Abrahmacharya), the root cause of all worldly problems. Value of Celibacy is imbibed in our ancient culture also. In the Ashram system (four age-based life stages), the first Ashram, the stage of youth, is called the Brahmacharya Ashram. It requires a certain discipline, guidance and purity for full flowering of the youth. Though importance of Celibacy has been accepted in all religions, its true understanding has mostly remained elusive. In absence of such knowledge, we helplessly get dragged in the whirlpool of lust. Due to the bad influence of time, not only is there a continuous, non-stop attack of Abrahmacharya-related stuff on individuals throughout the day but nobody even thinks that there is anything wrong in it. Today's youth do not know how harmful and dangerous the results of Abrahmacharya are, which is nothing but an illusion. Pujya Dadashri has described Abrahmacharya as a heap of filth. This illusion of pleasure has sunk great saints and masters from tremendous spiritual heights. For the youth, Abrahmacharya related thoughts are most damaging for focus and concentration. Therefore, it is very important that their attention remains on academic and career goals since these efforts will lay the foundation for success in life. In this month's issue, we have tried to introduce the sensitive subject of Celibacy with an honest intention that today's youth get an opportunity to think a while before being drawn into the ocean of illusionary pleasure of lust.