Pure Love BACK

Friends, none of us are unfamiliar with the word ‘love’. Everybody, in some form or manner is looking for love, however the definition of love keeps changing with every individual. If you ask a child receiving chocolates from his parents, this is love for him. A married woman who is understood by her husband, perceives this to be love. Whereas for an old man, anyone that spends time with him denotes love for him. The meaning of love differs in every example; the love perceived by a child, by a wife, would be different to someone’s love for food. In general terms, we are not successful in concluding the meaning of love. In the process for the search of love, we hurt many people. We feel insecure, hurt ourselves and yet are unable to find the meaning of love. Do we really know what the meaning of love is? Pujya Niruma used to say, in this time we rarely find true love. If found, then it is never permanent and when a person fails in the search for love, they rarely recover. Let us see Dadaji’s insight on love through this issue and learn to spread