Serving Elders BACK

Have we ever thought about what is considered a human life lived well and attaining the goal of human life? Is it in fame, recognition, reputation, earning money or anything else? Our duty should be towards our parents, elders and teachers rather than serving the self. Do you agree? How can one forget the benevolence of our parents, elders and teachers, etc. in our life? How can we pay back that benevolence? Every religion talks about only one thing: Serving them is one’s moral duty and thus one can pay back their benevolence and kindness. True humanity or religion of mankind is that our life should blossom by rendering seva-service to others, by giving happiness to others. Gnani Purush Dadashri says, “If you want happiness open the business of happiness. In addition, render the service to your parents, elders and teachers without kashayas: anger-pride-deceit-greed, and without any expectation.” Everybody perhaps may not get the chance to serve his/her teachers or gnani, but everybody gets a golden chance to serve his/her parents and elders. We just don’t want to serve our parents and elders, but we want to win their heart, we want to win their trust. It is with their blessings, we will achieve success in life, we will be happy and tranquil. In this issue of Dadavani, Dadashri gives extraordinary clarifications regarding various facets of seva service, which will be helpful to mold our mind-speech and body for this.