The Effects Of Words BACK

How words to do talk? How many words do you speak? What is the style of your conversation? In determining your personality, language plays a very important role. From the moment one wakes up till the moment one goes to sleep, everyone continuously uses language. And some people even babble in their sleep. In the life of mankind, language was introduced around 15,000 years ago! With words, you can rule the world. Also, with words you can convert a friend into an enemy and an enemy into a friend. If you want to be successful in life, then believe the world visualizes you through the spoken word. You are measured through whatever deeds you perform. The consequences from language emerge in two ways. Either sweet or bitter. Sweetness is easily digestable however bitterness doesn't go down easily. Gnani's provide us with understanding that enables us to remain in equanimity during both sweet and bitter consequences. Relevant to today's time cycle, Pujya Dadashri has given principles that are relevant to speech while conducting worldly interactions and executing moral duties.