Indian culture Part-2 BACK

The Indian culture is as old as the human civilization itself. The cherished Indian society has its vibrant culture as its beating heart. India is beyond the majestic temples and the breath-taking Himalayas, the politics, Bollywood or even cricket. The colourful traditional festivals, the folk dances, rituals, the dialects and deeply rooted values show the cultural diversity of this huge democracy. The morals and the spiritual knowledge which has been passed from generation to generation is an invaluable asset this country owns as its proud possession. One of such cultural heritage is the science of Yoga, which is not merely a physical exercise, it has a spiritual core too. This art has now been recognised on an international level; UNESCO has recognised it as an Indian Intangible Cultural Heritage. Among so many other rich traditions that have been followed over the period of hundreds of years, ‘Ashram’ is one among them. ‘Ashram’ is another such unique concept, wherein, a group of people lived while following a certain lifestyle through the four stages of a human life, the primary goal of these Ashrams was the development of self. This issue highlights this interesting Indian culture. Here is the second issue on the cultures of India, with again so many more interesting insights of the land of so many spiritual legends. With hopes that all of you will enjoy this issue, Jay Satchitanand!