Akram Vignan Taste the purity BACK

The entire world is in search of purity. Individuals ask for pure things, people, food, water and even the air. Nobody chooses impurity. Have we ever given it a thought of how pure are we? How is purity important for us in order to move forward in relative as well as the spiritual world? According to Dadashri's viewpoint, for daily life, the purity of lakshmi (money), pride and vishay (sexual relationship) have received importance. The principles of purity were so deeply embedded in Dadashri's life that in religion, business, married life and matters of moneyvishay- pride he always remained pure which exhibited an ideal behavior to the world. Dadashri used to say that if one is pure in worldly interactions, doesn't have a single thought related to vishay and kashay and is completely detached from 'want' of everything then only the world can be understood in its real form. However, in the current time cycle (kalyug) where people do not have harmony in thoughts, speech, and body, people cannot remain in purity even if they have best of the intentions (bhaav) to do so. Hence Dadashri has rightly elucidated “So much of pure you are, that much of world is yours”. Let us understand Dadashri's principles of purity and take steps towards achieving purity in life.