Be Vegetarian BACK

Spirituality is knowing about 'who you are' and 'who actually runs this world'. Spirituality leads towards a life of equanimity. Spirituality is finding yourself and living a life in a way that minimal or no karmas are bound, because good or bad karmas bind us and do not allow us to achieve salvation. Dadashri has said that if one wants to follow the path of spirituality, three habits are a complete no-no. Alcohol consumption or any form of intoxication, eating nonvegetarian food and having immoral sex. In this issue of Akram Youth, we delve deep into knowing the reasons why we should refrain from eating non-vegetarian food. We will understand as to why eating such food kills spirituality. How does the eating of non-vegetarian food hamper our spiritual goals to the limit that Dadashri does not take responsibility for guiding the non-vegetarians towards salvation? There are also many questions of youth like 'Can we eat eggs, if not more?', 'Killing for eating is a fact', 'Is there a difference between the life in a plant and the life in an animal?', etc. We hope this issue answers all your questions and gives you a spiritual insight on why we must eat vegetarian food.