DADA in my life BACK

Imagine you had a quarrel with a close friend of yours. You sort out the issue with the person and plan to start everything anew, but hold on, at night when you finally decide to go to sleep, negative perpetuating thoughts haunt you over and over, and you can barely sleep. Now what? Imagine that your exams are approaching and you feel aimless and stressed out, you want to get over with it, but when you start your preparations for the same, you are not focused at all. What should be done in such case? Some things just don't leave us; they build up over time and become stronger which does nothing but leave you helpless. Did you find any of the above situations relatable? If yes, We have a solution for this and that is staying in touch with Dada in your day to day life. Now once again, we will hear you cribbing over issues like lack of time, but we have solution for that too. Go through the pages of this magazine and there you'd find the ways of staying in proximity of Gnani, that is, Trimantra, Nav kalam, pratikraman, etc. which do not take up much of your time but in turn, the happiness, satisfaction and peace one receives from it is exemplary. You owe it to yourself to try it out. We would love to hear back from you. Once you are done reading it, please do share your thoughts on the solutions.