Quarrels BACK

Hello friends, Arguments or quarrels happen naturally. They happen with our friends and parents on trivial issues. We think, “I am not doing anything wrong anywhere and don't I have a right to live my life as I please?” With such thoughts, do we ever realise that knowingly or unknowingly we may be making mistakes? Have you ever given it a thought? No problem. This issue will help you in realising your mistakes that are entwined with your daily routine, but you are unaware of; and when awareness comes you have no idea about what to do next. In this issue, lets discover, what the reasons for arguments can be? To what extent can the results of arguments be unpleasant? What sort of understanding can we set beforehand to avoid arguments? During an argument, what sort of master keys can we use to remain calm? What can we do after an argument has happened? We will find answers to all these questions in this issue. Dadashri says, “We should become argument-proof. By becoming 'argumentproof', we can survive in this world. I will make you 'argument-proof'. We should be such a person that even an argument initiator would get tired. Nobody in this world should be able to depress us. Once we have become 'argument-proof', then is there any problem? Even if people want to quarrel or abuse, then we should not find it problematic. If we do not pay attention to the argument, we will not be considered discreditable, in fact our (spiritual) awareness will increase greatly.” To develop many such understandings, let us enjoy this issue.