Laziness BACK

What would be an ideal day in your opinion? Waking up early, exercising, reaching college in time, finishing off assignments before deadline, taking out time for doing household chores; these activities however important, are never achieved in time as we are too lazy. Don't we all commonly say, “I am bored”? All great people, over many generations have cautioned us against the ill-effects of laziness. This form of behaviour is so common that we do not hesitate in admitting to being lazy moreover, many of us boast about it too. However, once you know the evil effects of laziness and find simple solutions to overcome these, I am sure all of you will resolve to get rid of this quality of being unwilling to work despite having the ability to do so. Dadaji used to say, “To remain lying on thorns (kanta) is called boredom (kantado)”. In this issue, we have tried to show various facets of this quality with ways of overcoming it. One can then decide, what would be the better option, turning in a late submission and getting a scolding from your teacher or completing it on time and enjoying the satisfaction of having completed it. Hopefully, you can relate to situations in this issue and find interesting solutions to your problems. Jai Sat-Chit-Anand!