The Importance Of Prayer BACK

For the Indian team to win in the finals, to score well in the exam, to get what one desires, to end a fight with a friend, to avoid getting scolded by parents or teachers after making a mistake, to quickly get over a sickness. Even for rainfall to be delayed when going out!!!...Friends, I am certain that in many such situations in your life, you would have taken the support of prayer or seen a relative of your s do so. You mus t have al so experienced that sometimes God has accepted your prayers and at other times He has rejected them. And at that time you would have even accused God of being at fault! There is nothing wrong with praying. All religions, Gnanis (Self realized beings) and great men have given importance to prayer. You might be surprised to know that true prayer never goes to waste. The description of the power of prayer can also be found in the Puranas (Hindu religious texts). But friends, have you ever thought about the science behind prayer and how it really works? Who listens to it? When, how, and to whom it should be done? What is considered a true prayer? And with what purpose should we pray? I feel that the answers to these questions will be very intriguing! So, let's not waste any more time… Let's get an in depth understanding of pr a yer in thi s i s sue of Ak r am Youth…And learn how to do a true prayer… - Dimple Mehta