NO Alcohol No Drugs BACK

Every living being is in search of happiness. Every person spends his/her entire life making an effort to acquire happiness. But after so many efforts are we really happy? In today's society, we see that a lot of youngsters get addicted to smoking, tobacco and alcohol. Without thinking about the bad effects that will come in the future, a lot of youngsters fall into addiction in order to have fun or reduce stress. An addiction has serious effects on a person's social, mental and economic state. Youngsters become slaves to the very addiction that they think will give them happiness. And that addiction eventually becomes the cause of their dependency and suffering. Friends, this edition of Akram Youth is for those youngsters who have the illusion that there is happiness in smoking, tobacco and alcohol. In this edition, we will discuss about the social demon of addiction. We will also receive the understanding from Pujyashree about how to come out of this bondage. We hope that this edition will show the path to those youngsters who wish to be free from the dangers of addiction. Human life is the greatest and extremely rare, so let's benefit from it. - Dimple Mehta