Willpower BACK

Dear friends, this month's issue of Akram Youth, which you have been eagerly awaiting, has come into your hands with some new understanding. We all know that two things are essential for achieving success in any task. First, we need a firm determination and second, the sincerity to hold on to that determination. It is very easy to make a firm determination, but almost everyone fails in remaining sincere to it. Friends, have you ever thought about why this happens? “Why don't my efforts to excel in school, my career, my health and my future not give the desired results? Why does my determination become weak? Why does my sincerity break? Why would this be happening?” If we look at the lives of great men that have reached the pinnacle of success, there is one commonality. Whether they were in the fields of social work, political work or business work, they all had a 'firm determination'. They all had the strength to stick to their firm determination, no matter how difficult the circumstances. Without waiting any longer, let's look at where we lack in willpower in our day to day lives. In this issue, we will see what the reason for this lack of willpower is and how we can strengthen it. So friends, are you ready to strengthen your willpower? - Dimple Mehta