Dearest Friends, “Moha khavdaave maar (Moha makes one take a beating)”, is a Gujarati saying we all must have heard many times. But what is called moha? To wear new clothes, to go sightseeing, to watch movies, to go eat out, to watch T.V., to play games on your mobile phone and computer, etc., etc… This list can go on and on! All of these are types of moha and we are all invariably drowning in the ocean of moha. You may feel, 'These are our daily activities, so how can they be called moha?' But every action of ours happens under the control of one moha or the other. It is a wonder that we do not even realize it! Now, if we do not even know about moha, then it is natural that we will be oblivious to the beatings it causes us. A humble attempt has been made in this edition of Akram Youth to explain the various beatings we have to take while under the control of moha and how to remain in the bliss of freedom by not becoming stuck in its trap. - Dimple Mehta