Understand Intentions BACK

Dear young friends, I, you and every living being is yearning for happiness. No one wants sorrow. But, no one's happiness stays forever and this tradition of happiness and sorrow goes on perpetually. It is said that the happiness of this time cycle is a mere interval between two sorrows. Why is this? “The world is in the form of a well, in the form of an echo” is heard frequently in satsang and consequently, with a firm decision, we are careful not to spoil our inner intents towards anyone who comes in contact with us in daily interactions. But still, knowingly or unknowingly, our inner intents end up getting spoiled. As a result, the process of binding karma continues in our life. Friends, in this edition, the Akram Scientist Param Pujya Dadashri has identified the inner intents behind every activity, remained aware of them and explained in detail how to make the spiritual effort of converting those inner intents from negative to positive. With the hope that this understanding proves to be useful to each of our reader friends... Jai Sat Chit Anand