The Desire To Take Revenge BACK

In life, we continuously go through big and small, bitter and sweet experiences. When two people come face to face in worldly interactions, they either get along or they don't. We meet certain people that we cannot even imagine living without. You must have experienced that as time goes by, you forget the good times and the good people. But you are not able to forget the bitter experiences that you had with certain people. In the worldly life, we are always hurt by one person or the other. Someone's conduct bites us while another's speech stings us. An elder in Editorial 668 the family sometimes scolds us, a business partner steals money, a friend takes advantage of our weakness, a neighbor fights with us… When such events occur, our affection for the other person is hurt. As a result of this incident, a negative attitude arises and the desire to take revenge is born. In this edition, we will understand the finer details of this 'desire to take revenge', which has been ingrained in our human nature. We will learn about its dangerous consequences and gain the solutions to come out of them. So come, let us begin our journey through this edition with the light of Dada's knowledge.