Money BACK

Money: Putting it in Dada's words, our eleventh life force. Friends, we get so excited when we hear about the benefits of money. Who would not want money, which is essential in fulfilling our life's needs? After those needs are fulfilled, efforts begin for acquiring comfort and convenience, luxury and enjoyment or excess things. Sometimes this results in an expense or misuse of money. With time, these things start appearing as needs of life and intense efforts to fulfill them begin. An endless cycle starts: Earning, spending, earning, saving, etc. But really, in life's worldly interactions, one should use money in an ideal way, such that no work is ever stalled and it is put to good use, so that we progress in this life and are safe for the next life as well. To give to charity is the highest use of money. A special article in Dada's words is presented here, which sheds light on the various types of charity. By planning the use of our money/income and by stopping its misuse, we can prevent our digression to a lower life form and “get our work done” by making good use of it. With the hope that this month's edition becomes very useful for everyone, the understanding of the misuse, use and noble use of money has been given here in various ways. So my reader friends, let's understand these important points and accept this issue.