Kalam 2 -To not hurt the foundation of any belief system, even to the slightest extent BACK

As part of the 9 Kalam Series, in this edition of Akram Youth, we will learn in detail about the second kalam. One gets to see many different meanings of the word 'religion'. The natural attributes of any thing is called its religion. Like the religion of fire is its heat and brightness. On the other hand, in scriptures like the Vedas, auspicious deeds have been called religion. If we look at the ancient meaning, then religion is the just and dutiful way of living life. One would naturally wonder which religion highly revered Dada Bhagwan is talking about, right? In this edition, we will learn a totally new definition of religion. We will also understand what Dada Bhagwan is trying to say about relative religions, as well as how we knowingly or unknowingly end up hurting the foundation of any religion. Along with this, we will get the keys to come out of such faults and with the help of the second kalam, we will make a firm determination to never hurt the foundation of any religion, even to the slightest extent. You all will make a firm determination, won't you?