Kalam 3-To not slander, offend, or disrespect any living preacher, monk, nun, or religious head. BACK

This is the third issue in our series “Essence of All Religions” and like me, I am sure you all have begun reciting Dada Bhagwan's Nine Kalams every day. You also must be experiencing the lightness from doing so. In the last two issues you gained the understanding that you should not commit faults towards anyone's ego or towards anyone's religion and to remain aware not to let such faults happen. Now in this issue we will learn in detail about the third kalam, in which Dada Bhawan has told us to ask for energy not to have bad intents for the heads of any religion. Whatever viewpoint one is standing at, he will believe that viewpoint to be correct. Now there is no problem if he believes his viewpoint is correct, but he also believes other peoples' viewpoints to be incorrect and that is where his fault lies. When advancing from kindergarten to PhD, doesn't one change his teacher every year? Which standard can we consider to be incorrect? Now if none of the standards are incorrect, then how can we consider their teachers to be incorrect? Dada Bhagwan has told us to keep humility even for someone who is two degrees above us. Our intent is also to remain in humility, but how come these faults still happen? The answer to that will be revealed in this issue. I am confident that you all will find it useful. Jai Sat Chit Anand - Dimple Mehta