Kalam 4- Not to dislike or have contempt for any living being, even to the slightest extent BACK

Dear Readers, Let's continue our thrilling journey of becoming a superhuman from a human by exactly understanding the Nine Kalams. We don't realize when the dislike that arises in small matters takes on a larger form such as contempt. But the result of this dislike and contempt is very painful. Friends, it is said that if we have dislike or contempt for something, then we will bind such an obstruction that we won't come across that thing again. So it must be even more dangerous to have dislike or contempt for living beings. Absolutely Revered Dada Bhagwan says that there are three dangers of contempt. You will be afraid of the person with whom you have contempt for. You can never become free if you have contempt because vengeance is bound by it. Wherever there is contempt or backbiting, money will not last long. Let's get a detailed understanding of the fourth kalam in this edition of Akram Youth and ask Dada for the energies to stay away from dislike and contempt. - Dimple Mehta