Kalam 5-We should speak in such sweet words that others experience coolness and our mind becomes delighted as well. BACK

Dear Friends, Speech is a very effective medium for expressing our good or bad opinions, feelings, and emotions. It is the mirror of our personality. On one hand, speaking good words can improve relationships, while on the other hand, speaking harsh words can bind tremendous revenge. There is a saying, "A wound caused by a sword will heal, but a wound caused by speech will not." There have been many meaningful examples of this written throughout history. "Children of the blind are blind." We all know how this single sentence uttered by Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, sowed the seeds of the fierce battle of the Mahabharata between cousins. We all have this simple intention that 'May no one be hurt by our speech.' Yet, we end up speaking with such words that cause hurt to our friends, family members, or those with who we have worldly interactions. This issue of Akram Youth is on the Fifth Kalam of the Nine Kalams, which gives us the energy to break through this weakness. I am confident, after reading this issue, your intention to speak in a way that is loved by everyone will become stronger after asking for the energy through the Fifth Kalam.