Kalam 6-To not have even to the slightest extent, any sexual faults, desires, gestures, or faults related to sexual thought BACK

Dear Friends, Do you know that every creature is born with four instincts? They are food, fear, sexuality, and sleep. Out of these four instincts, three of them can be evident since childhood. That is why if a person is a small child or a youth like us, all of us feel hungry, feel sleepy, and in some situations, even feel fearful. The instinct of sexuality only shows up after a person steps into the adolescent stage of life. Due to this, young men and women get attracted to each other. There is not a large risk in the three instincts other than sexuality. However, Dada Bhagwan constantly warned that the tremendous risks that lie in sexuality, especially that of illicit sexuality, requires a lot awareness. We are not aware of how the curiosity towards sexuality prior to marriage turns into perverted tendencies. Additionally, the consequences of illicit sexual intent are so terrible that we keep sinking deeper into this quick sand due to its ignorance. Through the medium of recitation of the sixth Kalam of Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s nine Kalams, we receive the understanding and strength required to be free from the mistakes of sexuality, while maintaining a safe distance from it. This issue of the magazine provides a deep understanding of sexuality and Dada Bhagwan’s sixth Kalam, while also providing the understanding of how to come out of those mistakes. I am sure this edition will become a guiding force for you to become aware of sexual faults and to make efforts to come out of those faults. All the best. We will meet again next month, with a new Kalam, and with a new understanding… Jai Sat Chit Anand!!! - Dimple Mehta